Gator Nation, Are you ready for Texas A&M?

To be honest between our post earlier this week comparing Driskel to past Gator Sophomore QBs and our Texas A&M Preview, nerves are at an all time high at Our Two Bits. The game tomorrow is a true test. We put our trepidation out there for the twitterverse to see earlier today…

Many people responded, some shared our nervousness and others were staunchly optimistic. But here is one “get hype” submission we received. Now admittedly we are NOT young here at Our Two Bits (except for Morgan), so we’ll leave it to our readers to decide whether or not this is good hip hop or not. Either way we felt better after we watched it. Go Gators! Beat Texas A&M!!!

“Born and raised in Alachu-ahhh County, dats where I am at….”


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