Gator Haters…

The amount of blog posts, websites (even lame ones), license plates, and t-shirts that spew “Gator” hate is pretty much endless (jawja being the primary hater).  When you are consistently winning, hate kind of goes with the territory (see USC early 200o’s).  It sure doesn’t help that the word “gator” rhymes with “hater”.  Seriously though, over 4,000 people logged into their facebook accounts and decided to showcase their Gator disdain and if that wasn’t enough there are multiple anti-Gator Nation groups.

Much of last year’s disgust centered around the passionate and polarizing Mr. Timothy Richard Tebow.  Honestly the guy literally was (and still is) all over the media.  Even a Gator-loving website like was fully aware of the media’s Tebow-love-affair and its annoyance on the rest of America.

And now the rest of the country is breathing a sigh of relief that Timmy doesn’t have another year of eligibility, and of course Gator Nation is anxious to see what the post-Tebow era will be like.

This author is not predicting a National Championship this year, but I think Alabama and the rest of the country better not underestimate Urban Meyer, John Brantley, and the new look Gators.

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