Gator Football in the Twitterverse

Chances are, you’ve seen more than one news report about athletes or celebs running their mouths on twitter.  Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s a little sad (we’re looking at you John Mayer).  Either way, it’s usually entertaining.

The Gator football program is no stranger to twitter and with the season about to kick-off it’s time to step-up your Twitter game.  For your viewing and following pleasure, here’s a list of Gator Football players/coaches on twitter.  As far as I know, these are all legitimate accounts.  We may have missed a few players so feel free to add others that you may know of in the comments.  Also note that some players have protected their tweets…it’s up to them as to whether or not they let you follow them.  Enjoy and hope to God that we don’t have another Will Hill-esqe twitter account happen this season.

Lerentee McCray – LMC34
Zack Brust – zackbrust
Gideon Ajagbe – Giddy25Cheessee
Dominique Easley –Mr_ChUcKiE_2
Drew Ferris – dferris46
Lynden Trail – LyndenTrail92
Omarius Hines – MrHynz82
Solomon Patton – DatGatorboy83
Xavier Nixon – XavierNixon
Chaz Green – cgreen_75
Quinton Dunbar – 9PieceDunbar
Gerald Christian – GeraldC32
Earl Okine – okine_08
Jon Halapio – jhalapio67
John Brantley – johnbrantley12
Ian Silberman – Suupaman77
William Green – willgreen96
Ronald Powell – MrSupeR7PoWieB
Will Muschamp – CoachWMuschamp
Dee Finley – deefinley13
Andre DeBose – drebose4
Josh Evans – JoshEvans24
Robert Clark – robertclark7
Jonotthan Harrison – BigHarr72
Jaylen Watkins – jwat14
Trey Burton – TreyBurton8
Jelani Jenkins – jelanijenkins3
Cody Riggs – CodyRiggs31
Stephen Alli – stephen89alli
Tyler Murphy – Tyler_Murphy10
Steven Wilks – GotWilk42
Matthew Elam – Dopest_Hitter22
Clay Burton – ClayBurton88
Neiron Ball – NeironBall_48
Louchei Purifoy – LPurifoy
Nick Alajajian – BigNick58
Omar Hunter – OLetsDOIt99
Deandre Goins – DGoins27
Frankie Hammond – Highjumper85
Chas Henry – ChasHenry17
Ked Johnson @MoneyHigh_KJ

Couple of Commits…
Colin Thompson – ColinThompsonUF
Jafar Mann – _GatorBoi55
Mike Davis – mike28davis
Marcus Maye – marcusmaye
DJ Humphries – dhump75
Brian Poole – JustPooleN_It

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6 Responses to Gator Football in the Twitterverse

  1. G8TR_Gurl says:

    good god, most of these profiles you need Urban dictionary to decipher what they say. Hope they can play football better than they can speak or we’re all in trouble.

  2. Will Bryant says:

    Mike Davis: @mike28davis
    Marcus Maye: @marcusmaye

  3. Victoria says:

    Chas Henry! @ChasHenry17

  4. Thanks for the updates! I’ll add them all later but about to go to Swamp Monday and bar hop. Feel free to follow me too! I’m ThatsHoofie and I am an aspiring sports broadcaster. I currently am taking classes and working at the TV and radio stations on campus.

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