Gator Football Personnel Departures

Here is who we are losing…

Name Platoon No. Position Starter
Will Hill Defense 10 FS x
Duke Lemmens Defense 44 DE x
Justin Trattou Defense 94 DE x
A.J. Jones Defense 16 LB x
Brandon Hicks Defense 40 LB x
Ahmad Black Defense 35 SS x
Gary Beemer Defense 61 DT
Shawn Schmieder Defense 70 DT
Terron Sanders Defense 92 DT
Lorenzo Edwards Defense 26 LB
Eugene Minchin Defense 33 LB
Brandon Antwine Defense 47 NT
Lawrence Marsh Defense 90 NT
Miguel Carodine Defense 41 S
Mike Pouncey Offense 55 C x
Carl Johnson Offense 57 G x
Maurice Hurt Offense 74 G x
Marcus Gilbert Offense 76 OT x
Carl Moore Offense 9 WR x
Emmanuel Moody Offense 21 RB
Justin Williams Offense 7 WR
Solomon Schoonover Offense 29 WR
Chas Henry Specialist 17 P x
John Fairbanks Specialist 59 LS

Based purely on this, the biggest hits are to the defensive secondary and O-line.  We are losing some LB depth as well as DE.

QB is going to be a hot mess.  Brantley coming back, with Murphy, Driskell, and maybe Brissett in the mix.  Hopefully Weis can work some mojo on one of this lot and develop a QB.

Muschamp uses both 3-4 and 4-3 sets, which will help if we need to cover up weakness on the D-line again next year.  Easier to find decent LB types than D-line types.

I like the staff he’s putting together, and the players/recruits seem to be responding well.  Hopefully that will translate into a strong recruiting close.

Go Gators!

*Major Content Input from JDubyou3*

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