Gator Blog Envy

Gator Nation is extremely lucky because there is an amazing network of University of Florida Football content available to read online.  We are new to this world, but we felt it was appropriate to pay homage to those who came before us.  Dez Bryant are you listening?  If we are ever in the presence of any of the writers for the following blogs then we would be happy to carry their laptops and/or one of their gazzillion virtual blog awards…

  • has amazing content and their own unique style and humor makes it entertaining to read.  How they can aggregate so much content and add the amazing touches of funny Bourbon Meyer will never know.
  • is where to go for facts.  Straight up.  If you want the unfiltered Gator News it’s the place to go.
  • (defunct) we miss you guys.  We enjoyed your blog too.  Did you throw your laptops out the window?  It seems to have turned out “ok” (so far) for Cam Newton.  We hope the same for you.

There are other outlets out there too.  The Gainesville Sun and GatorCountry (GC) for example.  Both have their own blog writers, and GC is fabulous if you want to chat in a message board format.

We all will report a lot of the same things and maybe even link to and from each other, but either way I hope we all support each other and our Gators.  We love the virtual Gator Nation, and hopes to be accepted as part of the family.

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