Friday Night Bets

They are who we thought they were. Yeah I am stealing a line from Scotty Franchise, but it applies here. All I see around the internet is articles, message board posts, and tweets about how terrible the Gators and the SEC east are. OK, Alabama beat our brains in for the 3rd consecutive time, I get that. But did we really expect to win? I know I spent all week talking myself into scenarios where we win that game. Bama hate week allowed me to nitpick every deficiency the Crimson Tide had and tell myself we could cover up every glaring hole we had, even though I had no idea backup QB would become such a worry for us. Well today I took a look at the preseason game by game predictions and guess what? Of the 8 different regular writers, all 8 picked Alabama to win that game! The Gators are who we thought they were. They are not able to compete with top echelon teams. Everyone thought Florida would lose, then when they did, we freaked out. Now we head to LSU for a night game in Death Valley, with a true freshman QB making his first career start against one of the top defenses in the country. Can’t wait for everyone to freak out again next week when we lose this game. That being said, take Florida +13.5 for Saturday night’s game. Les Miles’ LSU teams are 1-13 ATS as double digit favorites in the SEC. He doesn’t have the ability or the need to run up the score in these type games so expect them to jump out to a lead then have the Gators backdoor cover in the 4th quarter.

As for the Friday night action, I am taking Boise State and giving the 20.5 points. The casino takes the same line on Boise State every week. They inflate the line a few points for the underdog, the public comes out swinging hard on Boise, and Boise goes on to cover anyway. Last year Boise State was 9-4 against the spread. The year before that, they were 9-5. This team wants to get to the national championship game and they know that to do so they need style points. They will run up the score when they can so take them and give the 3 TDs.

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