Foley’s Drunken Folly

You may not have been excited about the news, but let’s keep it real….Jeremy Foley hiring William Muschamp is not as risky as it was hiring Zooky-Pussy Ronald Zook.  But on the other hand it’s not exactly a sure thing. The hire has caused much consternation and constipation around Gator Nation, with most people pointing to the fact that Muschamp has no experience as a head football coach.  And to make it worse, it has been reported that Muschamp was the ONLY CANDIDATE that Foley met with.  Are you freaking kidding me…who the hell interviews one person? Plus, we were all expecting 2 to 3 weeks for a decision, and we got one in fewer than 96 hours.  Did Foley even sleep on it?   It’s like Muschamp got Foley drunk and took advantage of him.  Everything appears to have happened too quickly and too haphazardly.  This whole things looks like a Summer-B hook up at the Grog House or even worse it appears to be a late night drunken Las Vegas Wedding.

So the hang-over is gone.  It’s been three days, and guess what…Muschamp is alright. He’s already paying dividends.  He’s called and secured the majority of our recruiting class, and as an added bonus he may be pulling in Kirby Smart from Alabama as our Defensive Coordinator.  If so, we’ll make a run at a few of bama’s recruits, and word on the street is Muschamp is making a run at WR Kelvin Benjamin who was staunchly in FSU’s pocket before Coach Muschamp came aboard at Florida.

The one huge gap on the staff is the Offensive Coordinator.  Muschamp and Smart will surely shore up any defensive deficiencies we might have, but the offense was awful last year we have to lock up a phenomenal OC.  Let’s retain Loeffler as QB coach, and bring in Holgorsen or another top OC.  If Muschamp can do that and lock-in the recruiting class then we are in good shape for Fall 2011.

The naysayers are out there.  Even in Gator Nation.  But whether you like it or not Muschamp is our Coach. is not completely convinced.  Coach Muschamp is either going to be a musCHAMP or a musCHUMP.  Only time will tell.

We have no intention of retiring, but in a sign of good faith and will redirect to this site.  Go Gators!

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