Fans not interested in Jaguars

Jacksonville’s new GM David Caldwell got straight to the point at his introductory news conference today, making it perfectly clear that he is not interested in bring in Tim Tebow next season. “I can’t imagine a scenario where he would be a Jacksonville Jaguar — even if he’s released,” Caldwell said.

Well Mr. Caldwell let me be the first of many to make this statement to you. I am not interested in the Jacksonville Jaguars next season. To give you a little bit of my background, I live roughly equidistant to the Jags, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Miami Dolphins but have not been to a Jaguar game since I was in high school at least 15 years ago. I saw the Patriots take on the Dolphins in Miami this past season as well as the Redskins playing in Tampa, but the last time I went to a Jaguar game the big star on the field was Marshall Faulk. I have nothing against the city of Jacksonville, in fact I go there for one football game every single season.

I enjoy going to Jacksonville, I had even recently spoken with my spouse about the possibility of getting season tickets for next season. That’s how excited the people of Florida are to see Tim Tebow. I’ve never owned season tickets for a team before, but it is on every fan’s bucket list. This is exactly the type of scenario I could talk the family into. I already talked my wife into wearing a Tebow Broncos jersey to our fantasy football draft party last year and talked her into the fat head in our son’s bedroom.

But why would you want a community to be excited about your football team? Why would you want to take the tarps down from the upper deck? Why would you want to erect the bleachers in the south end zone? All those people coming to the stadium on Sunday’s is probably a logistical nightmare. Maybe game day logistics can be the analytic work you give to your bosses son. You made it pretty clear that you want him to stay around. I’m sure he will create plenty of excitement around the team. I’m sure people will flock to buy tickets to see him, MJD and **Don’t forget to look up more Jags players to use in this sentence.**

Congratulations on your new job, congrats on your upcoming #2 pick in the draft, and good luck in the next few seasons. I sincerely hope you become somewhat relevant soon because when your games get blacked out, it messes up my tv viewing on Sunday.*

*Edited to add: People are making sure I am aware that Jag games have not been blacked out. Congrats, you sold a bunch of tickets on Groupon and packaged them with Gator basketball to avoid blackouts. Being on my tv ruins my Sundays more by preventing me from watching good teams.

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13 Responses to Fans not interested in Jaguars

  1. v william says:

    losing breeds losing. it’s apparent, as Jacksonville hires yet another loser gm. i agree with the above letter. no Jaguars for me, unless it’s at a zoo in San Diego.

  2. Fred says:

    You were never going to buy tickets. Sit down.

  3. Tim T. says:

    This article is a joke. More butthurt gator fans upset the Jaguars aren’t being baited into the circus surrounding a 3rd-string QB. Blackouts? Jaguars haven’t had any since 2009. Tebow sells tickets? The Jets game sold 15 more tickets than the Jaguars average attendance at the time.

  4. Adam says:

    Stop whining about the Jaguars organization. The way you gator fans get on your knees and slobber on Tebow’s knob is pathetic. HE IS A NFL FAILURE. LET IT GO.

  5. JvilleJosh says:

    You haven’t been to a Jags game since Marshall Faulk played? Lol. That’s means you aren’t a Jags fan anyway. So pardon the rest of Jags fans that have been around since day 1 if we don’t lose any sleep over your indignation.

  6. Tim Tebow says:

    Let me be. I have failed as an NFL QB and am not worthy of any recognition by the 32 teams. Please, my dick needs sucking no more. Carry on.

  7. Jake says:

    So for those of you that needed Tim to come to Jacksonville in order for you to be a Jaguar Fan, Lok I have nothing against Tim Tebow. I was actually ready to accept it if he did come. After all, what a story that would be if it was succesfull. However, it is apparent that his skill set does not fit the NFL QB. So do not flatter yourself by sounding as though you speak for all Floridians when you talk about Tim Tebow. According to attendance records there are more Jaguar Fans, with or without Tim then there are Dolphin or Buc fans. .

  8. Chris says:

    This blog post comes off as unintelligent; suffice it to say, it is poorly written and illogical. Time will tell if Caldwell was a smart GM choice, but the world already knows Tebow cannot succeed as a quarterback in the NFL long term.

  9. Jags Fan... says:

    LOLZ..Please…….Look, I’m a Gators fan myself and I loved Tebow at UF…..Love the kid as a person but he is not a Franchise QB. Would I rather watch him than Blaine Gabbert? I would rather watch grass grow and paint dry than watch Gabbert so yes but Tebow jsut doesn’t have the skills to get us to a Superbowl folks and that’s what it’s all about. We need a Brady, Manning, Brees, Rodgers type QB. Hopefully Caldwell will find one for us in the next few years. GO JAGS.

  10. Dustin says:

    Wow this guy is so butt hurt over the Jags not taking Tebow.

  11. Matt says:

    You arent a jags fan, you live in the area and like tebow and now are upset he isnt coming…you’re opinion…worthless.

    get tebow to the seminary…cause thats the only future he has…

  12. Whatever says:


    Do some research next time. The two times Timmy has visited did NOT result in a major bump in ticket sales, and the Jaguars haven’t had a blackout since 2009. It’s the Dolphins and Buccaneers that get blacked out. We are all dumber for having wasted our time on this poorly-written article, and myopic fans like you are why I’m glad Tebow will be suiting up elsewhere next season. That, and the fact that he passive-aggressively lets the media whip his fan-cult into a frenzy of distraction. Oh, and I forgot — he can’t read defenses to save his life. Have fun cheering him on with the Montreal Alouettes next year.

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