Fading into Bolivion: BourbonMeyer Bowl picks Part. 2

Fade: To fade somebody means to wager against them.

Example: Because he was a terrible sports gambler, people began to fade all of Tom’s wagers.

Bolivian: The non-existent country or state that Mike Tyson was going to go after the beating he took at the hands of Lennox Lewis. For those who don’t remember, Bill Simmons summarizes here. And for those who just miss Mike Tyson quotes, I stumbled upon these 3 minutes of greatness.

So after what is turning out to be an amazingly poor showing in my first round of picks, I’ve come up with the following excuses; 1.) I wrote that post under duress, as I was at my in-laws and would do anything to not be doing anything else. 2.) I was resting my starters for the REAL part of Bowl season. And 3.) I am trying to get Andrew Luck in the upcoming draft.

Seriously, so far this bowl season I am 1-4 with heartbreaking point swings from the Toledo/Air Force game, as well as the Purdue/Western Mich game, but hopefully the tip on the OVER from that game worked out for someone. Besides that, I got just about everything wrong except for who was playing in the game. But hey, I was under duress when making this predictions.

Here goes Part 2 of our Bowl Picks. Remember, **Picks and point spreads are for entertainment purposes only**

NOTE: I will indicate which bowl teams have lame duck/recently fired or interim coaches with an ^ symbol.

 Dec. 29th– CHAMPS Sports Bowl: Notre Dame (+3.5) vs. That School Out West. Total (previously referred to as over/under): 46

The Wall Street Journal dubbed this one, “The Hot Tub Time Machine” game, as both programs wish they could go back in time to when they were powerhouses. It’s always entertaining and nostalgic to see these match ups and envision Bobby Bowden and Lou Holtz walking the sidelines matching wits ::giggle:: Sorry… just picturing them matching wits in 2012. In 1992, this would have been a great game. In 2002, this would have been a great game. In 2012, THIS is the CHAMPS Sports Bowl. Notre Dame was much better than you think this year. They lost 4 games including the opener at home against USF where they had about 3 hours of weather delays. I know it’s an excuse and you should beat USF at home, but that kind of thing is really difficult to play through. The next week they lost in the last seconds at Michigan in an unspeakable manner. If you’ve forgotten the 4th quarter of that game, every snap is right here (Just FFWD to the 7:00 mark), try not to throw up on yourself. They lost to USC (who is better than them) and Stanford (also, better than them).

The School Out West is 3-3 vs. Bowl teams this year and 3-1 vs. FCS non-bowl eligible teams. Their losses are to Oklahoma, Clemson, and Wake Forest before dropping a pivotal game to Virginia that not even the refs could hand to them. Their FCS wins are against the murderer’s row of: Duke, Maryland, NC State, Boston College, Miami, and then Florida, in a game where they would have probably won by more had they just punted on 2nd down every drive.

Obviously, I’m blinded by hatred, but if it’s a close one, I’ve got Brian Kelly and Notre Dame taking this one in a pretty unentertaining first 50 minutes. Notre Dame gets by 23-16.

Alamo Bowl: Washington vs. Baylor (-8.5)

This is a difficult one to pick.

BourbonMeyer.com loves RGIII and would love to see him go out a winner, however, the Heisman winning QB has a way of not winning their post season game. This is way more than a coincidence:

-2010: Cam Newton* (W, BCSCG vs. Oregon)

– 2008: Sam Bradfors (L, BCSCG vs. Florida)

– 2007: Tim Tebow (L, Capital One vs. Michigan)

– 2006: Troy Smith (L, BCSCG vs. Florida)

– 2004: Matt Leinart (W, Orange Bowl vs. Oklahoma) <<vacated>>

– 2003: Jason White (L, Sugar Bowl vs. LSU)

– 2002: Carson Palmer (W, Orange Bowl vs. Iowa)

– 2001: Eric Crouch (L, Rose Bowl vs. Miami)

– 2000: Chris Weinke (L, Orange Bowl vs. Oklahoma)

– 1996: Danny Wuerffel (W, Sugar Bowl vs. School Out West)

That’s 3 out of the last 9, or 4 of the last 10 if you count USC’s win using ineligible players in 2004, which the NCAA doesn’t count, so neither will we.

Aside from Cam Newton*, it seems like forever since a Heisman QB has won their bowl game… Carson Palmer played a looooooong time ago. I mean, it’s been so long that Palmer’s NFL career is already over now. Wait… what? Oh…

Anyway, Jake Locker ain’t coming out of that tunnel for the Huskies. Steve Emtman ain’t coming outta that tunnel. I think RGIII will play fine in this game, as this is the type of game Baylor and Washington should be in. If you look at that list, most of those guys played in the last game of the year, which is typically 10-14 days later than right now and against a team that is pretty motivated for their own reasons.

I may be wrong, but Baylor gets it’s first Bowl win that anyone cares about. Baylor 38 Washington 23.

A sidenote: What the hell happened to the Heisman Trophy winner?

Just looking at the list of winners and since Barry Sanders won it in 1988, it’s been a bunch of substitute teachers once they get into the NFL, if they even get there. I know it’s a college award and I appreciate that, but man… it’s a kiss of death. Since 1988, the most successful guys have been Eddie George (1995) who had a very solid NFL career, Charles Woodson (1997) is a Hall of Famer, Desmond Howard (1991) won a Super Bowl MVP then fell of the face of the earth, and Ricky Williams (1998) who is more well known for living in a tree smoking a bong than his NFL career. Carson Palmer (2002) had moments and then that Pittsburgh DT destroyed his knee and his career pretty much. The jury is still out on the newest batch of guys; Tebow, Bradford, Ingram, and Newton*. I think we’re comfortable closing the door on Matt Leinart and Troy Smith, no?

Anyhow, that’s today’s picks. Got a big day at the Home Depot, so Part 3 (There are 4 parts) is on deck for this evening. Who wants to read a post with 12 games posted in it anyway??

If these two go as well as the previous ones did, not sure if parts 3 and 4 will ever see the light of day. I may just have to “Fade into Bolivion”.

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