Easy Bowl Game Betting System – Updated with lines

So wanna make a profit of all these crappy bowl games that you know you will be watching and betting on anyway? Here is a five minute system to keep in mind. Bet all underdogs of 7+ points that play bowl games in December. Teams that are big favorites in these games simply don’t show up. They are tired of being worked out at practice for months, tired of being yelled at by the coach, tired of playing a completely meaningless game when they probably thought they would be bound for so much more. Or maybe it is just lines not being set well.

Either way heres some stats to back it up.
December 2009 4-3 – Wyoming +11 (won by 7) , Southern Miss +15 (lost by 10), Stanford +8 (lost by 4), Navy +7 (won by 22) covered and Boston College +9 (lost by 11), Kentucky +7.5 (lost by 8), TexAM +7 (lost by 24) lost.

December 2008 4-2 – Florida Atlantic +7 (won by 3), Miami+8 (lost by 7), NC State +7 (lost by 6), Northwestern +12 (lost by 7) covered and Memphis +13 (lost by 27), Minnesota +10 (lost by 21) lost.

December 2007 4-0 – Navy +8.5 (lost by 3), Southern Miss +11 (lost by 10), East Carolina +10.5 (won by 3), Central Michigan +8.5 (lost by 3) covered

Edited to Add:The bowl lines are now out. The 7 point December dogs are UTEP+12, Utah+17, Tulsa+12, East Carolina +8, Washington +13.5, and UCF +7.

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