Easley Interviews Driskel at SEC Media Days

WARNING: The following post is half for your viewing pleasure and half selfishly to promote the @OurTwoBits twitter account. As penance for our obscene grasp at attention we offer you our summary of SEC Media Day 1 festivities.

Yesterday Our Two Bits noted and tweeted the fact that Jeff Driskel was rocking white athletic socks to SEC Media Day. Β And independently both Jeff and his girlfriend, Tarin Moses responded. I guess we know how his laundry gets done…


Driskel Socks Tweet


Tarin Socks Tweet


Below we have posted a pretty entertaining video of Florida DT Dominique Easley interviewing starting QB Jeff Driskel. He also busts on Driskel’s sock choice. Β Not sure Dominique should be commenting on wardrobe his old man gold buttons were blinding us throughout the entire video…


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