Decision Time: Kyle Anderson

This weekend, as The University of Florida gears up for it’s first SEC Conference game of the season versus the University of Tennessee, a very important visitor will be weighing his options. Kyle Anderson, a Top 5 2012 hoops recruit will be visiting the University of Florida. The kid is the truth. He’s 6 foot 8 inches, and his dad raised him as a point guard. Kyle has circled September 20, 2011 (his 18th birthday) as decision day. So his visit to Florida is the last change Billy Donovan, the University, and the Rowdy Reptiles have to make a good impression.


Kyle Anderson
Guard/Small Forward
6 foot 8 inches
St. Anthony’s High School
His Top 5 Schools: Seton Hall, Florida, UCLA, Georgetown, St. Johns


Kyle has unique gifts.  He has the body of a skilled small forward but can play all three perimeter positions. He an incredible passer with an excellent basketball IQ. His court vision and decision making make him indispensable.  Playing that point forward position in the SEC would cause some serious headaches for Gator opponents. Basically think, young Lamar Odom with better tools.

Kyle has been on the record stating that growing up he always wanted to play for Georgetown. We hope he spurns the DC area for Gator Nation. He’d look great in Orange and Blue.

If you see some of the Gator players around with this guy…

…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE show him a ton of love. Make a sign or two, bring them to tailgating, into to the football game, whatever it takes. This kid would be a great piece for making yet another run to the Final Four. Go Gators!

Want to see Kyle in action?…check it out…

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