Dear Tennessee, is this really a rivalry?


 If you are Tennessee Volunteer we apologize for this, but honestly THIS does not feel like a rivalry to us Gators…. over the last 4 decades, 20 of the last 27 games have resulted in a Gator victory…

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One Response to Dear Tennessee, is this really a rivalry?

  1. Rob says:

    Ahhh… UT week. A week for a Gator fan in Tennessee that is a living hell of optimistic, over confident, and delusional Vols fans. I work with 20+ Vol fans, and I have had to hear this year after year. Here are the best quotes: “We got Bray, he gon’ throw it all over you” (then spits his dip.) or “Peyton Mannin’ is still the best QB ever, he’s way better than Tebow” (Tebow 4-0 against UT, Peyton 0-4 against FL. Also, Peyton is an alien, have you seen his head?) and my favorite of all time from Vols fans when you have schooled them on their football knowledge is: “Well y’all still can’t beat Bama, Roll Damn Tide!” Like Bama has any relevance in this rivalry. Last I checked Bama has owned TN over the past decades as well. Oh and I almost forgot! UT fan quote “Well we have more National Championships than y’all” Right……. and most of them came before your grandfather was born, when the players wore condoms on there head instead of football helmets. I hate UT week, my mom is a UT fan (which is the main reason why I love Florida) but she is a realist, and knows that her program hasn’t been worth crap for awhile now. Please Florida if you don’t win another game all year please win this one. I think we can win, I also think if we don’t play well we can lose. This is the most that I have been worried about this game in seven years. Yes, even during the “Johnny B.” era. Brantley couldn’t do much but he always beat UT. It will suck if we lose but, it sucks a lot worse when you have to work with people whose ringtone is “Rocky Top” and they play it day after day. I don’t know if I can take a year of that especially if we lose. Go Gators!

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