Creepy Florida Gator Fan’s Muschamp Stare

Yesterday we showed you the crazy Georgia fan, so we could not pass up the opportunity to poke fun at ourselves a little. We HAD to share this with Gator Nation.

Creepy Florida Gator Fan’s Muschamp Stare…

Download | Convert YouTube to MP3 | Advanced Video Downloader (h/t to @ClutchLikeMJ)

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3 Responses to Creepy Florida Gator Fan’s Muschamp Stare

  1. Missus Misery says:

    I just wanted to see the comments!

  2. Missus Misery says:

    Well, well. I can’t believe I’m the only one commenting here. That’s why that kid is staring.

  3. nickolas says:

    you’re not alone

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