College Gameday vs Kentucky and more haterade

So the Gators are hosting UK while College Gameday comes to town. Be sure to get to the ODome as soon as you see this posted to get on tv. Before I make my pick, I get to introduce the next member of my all hated team. This is the easiest one of the bunch, so hopefully there won’t be as many tears shed this time.

SF – Christian Drejer. Before Larry Drew II drew the ire of UNC fans and before Dan Jennings of West Virginia took quitting the team to new heights by doing it mid game, there was Christian Drejer. You probably best remember Drejer by his signature look, the walking boot. Drejer played in only 38 games during his two season at Florida, after reportedly turning down seven-digit offers from european clubs out of high school. I can only assume that Barcelona offered him a million peseta contract, because he was sure never worth a million US dollars. Rumor has it that he had to leave the team immediately before european teams realized that he sucked, which makes a lot of sense.

Following a theme from the all-hated team, Drejers last game produced a measly 3 points in 28 minutes in a loss to LSU at home. He was apparently the first dane to ever be drafted to the NBA, but I’m not sure that amounts to much. Lisbeth Salander was the first Scandenavian heroine I have ever heard of, and noone gives a flying leap about her either. Billy Donovan put it best when describing Drejer’s time with the team when he said “To be honest as a coach I kind of expected more and wanted more out of him and tried to create those situations for him to provide more. But for whatever reason, it never really, really happened.”

Now for my pick, I like UK to win this game easily in Gainesville. They have had trouble winning on the road, but they will snap out of it tomorrow night on national tv. They are currently 1.5 point favorites and if I were the type to bet against the Gators I would put a lot on this one. I am going to stay away from the over/under of 132 for this one. I think the Kentucky team is going to clobber UF and I don’t know how soon they are going to pull their starters. They might win 75-50 or if they stop playing D they might win 80-60, so I am going to stay away. Either way, at least we won’t get sucked into all the drama of an OT game this time.

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