Browns NFL’er & Former Gator hopes to raise money for orphans in Haiti

David Nelson - Gator

Aaron Hernandez has been indicted for murder.  Riley Cooper dropped the most heinous of racial slurs. Tim Tebow’s opportunity with New England Patriots seems to be slipping away. In a summer full of turmoil for former Gator Football players here is a little bit of a pick me up. David Nelson, former Gators Wide Receiver, is kicking off a fundraising campaign for orphans in Haiti. The following is an excerpt from a press release released on Friday of this past week….

Current Cleveland Browns wide receiver David Nelson hopes to raise money for orphaned children in Haiti from the Sudden Change Challenge fundraising campaign established through his charity i’mME.

Registration for the Sudden Change Challenge fundraising campaign begins August 19 and runs through the entire National Football League season.

Football fans from all over the United States will be able to David Nelson - Brownspledge any dollar amount for his or her favorite NFL team. At the end of each week, the Sudden Change Challenge homepage will have the updated season pledge amount leader board to show which NFL teams’ fans have raised the most money.
“Our main goal is to bring people from all around the country and use their love for football to change the world for orphans in Haiti,” said David Nelson. “Not only will they find joy in their team making a big play, but they can also find joy in knowing that their team and pledges helped an orphan.”

Nelson and his brothers, Patrick and Daniel, founded i’mME after going on several mission trips to Haiti, Ghana and India. After months of prayer and seeking wise counsel, they launched an orphan care ministry – working in collaboration with Godly, respected leaders and experienced, effective ministry partners in Haiti….

…For more information on the Sudden Change Challenge, please visit

For further information on i’mME, please visit

Kudos to David Nelson for being a ray of shining light in this off-season. This is a great kick off to the college football (and NFL) season(s). Only 7 days until Gator Football!!!!

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