Bourbon Meyer’s 2010-2011 Gator Predictions

Bourbon Meyer is a group of friends hell bent on Gator Nation Domination.  One of us will be at every home game, and a fair amount of us will watch the games together (in High Definition) when possible.  To kick-off the season we’ve all submitted our predictions for our beloved Gators.  Some of us in full description and others mailed it in.  Regardless this is the post of record and we’ll compare on how we did at the end of the season.  Agree?  Disagree?  Leave us a comment.

Sonny Beam – Record Prediction: 12-2

While the Gator Nation and pollsters are ambitious for the boys of old Florida this year, I just don’t see how we can meet those expectations.  While Brantley will do well, it is still his first go around as the primary quarterback against a strong conference schedule.  Our SEC West foes include the defending BCS Champion on the road, a very athletic and somewhat underrated LSU team, and a Mississippi State team on the rise with a head coach that is more than just familiar with the Gator schemes.  Inside the division, Georgia and Tennessee are down, but surely Spurrier is chomping to have a successful season, which can only be defined by stealing a win against his alma mater.  And finally, nobody knows what to expect from the Noles, but playing in Tallahassee has only been a contemporary comfort for the Gators.  The bandwagon fans will surely come crawling back into Doak Shamble Stadium if the Noles have posted 9+ wins by time Thanksgiving rolls around, which is not inconceivable considering the weak and wacky ACC.

After all is said in done in the regular season, the Gators get into the SEC championship game with two losses.  As Urban seethes from two consecutive losses to Bama, he goes on a gameplanning binge during the week leading up to the game, causing his family to set up an intervention.  Under heavy sedation, Urban succumbs to a three hour nap, but eventually breaks loose. As a 9-point underdog, the Gators steal the crown from the Tiders.  The Gators faceoff against TCU in the Sugar Bowl to wrap up the season, where they show true championship potential for 2011.

(I was trying to find a clip of when Uma Thurman wakes up in the hospital bed in Kill Bill, Vol. 1, but was unsuccessful).

Sam McCorkle – Record Prediction: 12-2

Losses: at Alabama and a random SEC upset (MSU, Vandy, South Carolina or maybe even Georgia)

SEC East champs, win SEC championship game in upset, win Sugar Bowl.

This team has a ton of talent but so much of it is unproven. It is simply too much to expect them to be able to navigate through the SEC without a couple of losses. The schedule is set up pretty nicely other than the tough Bama trip but I foresee an upset, as has usually been the case. Who will it be? That’s much tougher to say since there is no obvious candidate. If I had to bet, I’d say Mississippi State.

But by the end of the season, the young inexperienced guys are going to be toughened. The team will have jelled and will be playing with a chip on their shoulders in the SEC championship game. Urban will come up with a game plan to challenge Saban and take down the Tide.

Then a matchup in the Sugar Bowl against the Big East or ACC champ maybe… big win again for the Gators and lots of momentum heading into 2011 as the favorites in the SEC and maybe the country.

The Rainman – Record Prediction: 10-3

The Gators are too young to deal with the pressure that comes from their high ranking to start the year. Urban and the crew are all sticking to their story that the team is flying under the radar while ranked #4 in the country. Well I don’t believe it. They will be undefeated heading into the midseason showdown with Alabama, and the Tide will roll over them on their way to an undefeated season.  The Gators will keep a lofty ranking until they meet UGA on Halloween weekend and Georgia wins in a squeaker. Georgia will win the SEC east by head to head tiebreaker. The SEC will send Alabama to the NC game, UGA to the Sugar Bowl on the basis of Heisman runner up AJ Greens marketing potential and Florida gets relegated to the Capital One Bowl. As they usually do when going to bowl games in Orlando, the Gators will lose interest and get beat by a solid Big Ten team, most likelyWisconsin.

Paul Sjoberg (aka The Show) – Record Prediction: 11-3

So apparently I am NOT the most pessimist of the group.  I see the Gators losing 3 games this year, but an additional win more than The Rainman.  I see…1 loss to Alabama in the regular season, and the second loss either coming against LSU or MSU.  I think we clean house in the SEC East and lose a close one in the SEC Championship game, but still get the bid to the Sugar Bowl (so maybe I’m not all that different from the rest of the guys).  I think the SEC’s supremacy will continue in bowl games and we’ll wax whomever we play in the Sugar Bowl.  So I’m not quite going down the 2007 (lose to UGA and lose the bowl game) route, but I do think the Gators will have some growing pains this year.  The Gators will need leadership, and it’s going to take more than one season to fill the Tim-Tebow-sized-hole that was left by the best college player of our generation (yes I said it).

Soft 19 (mailed it in) – Record Prediction: 12-2

I think we go 12-2.  Losses to bama and a random SEC team that always gives us a scare.  Win the east and SEC championship game. Sugarbowl victory by a narrow margin.

The Franchise (mailed it in) – Record Prediction: 11-3

Losses to Bama twice (I know… Crazy) and the bowl game.

I hate them [Bama].

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