Les Miles Course in Time Management

For all the grief Florida’s been receiving regarding their offense, play calling, and inability to put up 300 yards of passing in the 1st half ala Rex Grossman and Danny Wuerffel…how come Les Miles isn’t being crucified by all those media football “geniuses”?  Last year’s clock snaffus were amazing to behold, but we were literally sitting at my house prior to the Florida/Bama debacle watching the end of the LSU/Tenn game.  Literally we were jumping up and down in my living room with excitement and laughter at the thought of LSU and Les Miles pissing away 26 seconds (with no timeouts) and NOT even getting the snap off to run their last (poential game winning) play.  But they did get the snap off and when it rolled all the way to midfield my living room turned into Friday night at Club X’s on University Ave (shut up you know you’ve been there).  I turned around and I think Soft 19 was dancing on my coffee table.  JDubyou3 had his hands on the floor with his legs on the wall grinding a random (the white pants in the black-light was reDonkulous).  I might as well have been paying homage to Naughty by Nature’s HipHop Hurray.  It was complete pandemonium, we were completely besides ourselves.  Then the referee put on a headset and it was the equivalent to turning the club lights on and finding out that “hot chick” you were “getting low with” wasn’t worth the knee and back pain the next morning. Seriously did the Buffalo Wing House bartender call the Tennessee sideline to have the game extended. What a catastrophe.  Only Tennessee, could some how bail out Les Miles and LSU’s ineptitude for not calling two plays in the huddle or at minimum lining up and spiking the ball to setup a last ditch 4th down attempt.  I mean seriously, I have seen better player personnel changes in an under 50lb peewee football games.  Even better by the New York Knicks over the last few years. Un-F’ing Believable!!!!

I can’t wait until the Les Miles Circus (complete with Tigers) comes to Gainesville this weekend.  The crowd and pressure alone should push LSU over the “Les Miles Line”…

Courtesy of Mgoblog.com (last time we credit a Michigan Football blog we promise).

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  1. Brenden says:

    Sorry bout it. 🙂

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