“Banging” Bama

Hey Bama-Nation!  Remember last time we were in your neck of the woods?  You spanked us 31-3.  We remember 2005 because we were devastated by the loss after the Gators had started off 4-0 on the season.  The Elephant Army should remember that game too because you had a bad ass Wide Receiver that could do amazing things with his body.  For example…

….just call him Gumby!

Not that Bourbon Meyer wishes any harm on any Alabama players, well except for those players with “BAMA BANGS”.  We want to take a chainsaw to their foreheads when we see that crap.  Really?!  That’s what the co-eds in Tuscaloosa like? BTW, we heard the cutest Bama Girls come from Reform, Alabama.  That true?  We digress.

So this is a huge game.  It doesn’t have huge implications for the SEC Championship, because if either team loses they still have a good shot of making it into the game if they can survive their other SEC competition.  But it does have huge ramifications for the loser and their participation in a BCS Bowl.  Damn you Boise State and TCU, go back to your measly conferences…and no you can’t take your reDONKulously high rankings with you.

Aight on to the predictions…

Rainman – Bama 31-13

Ingram is ineffective in the game but the Bama defense shuts down
John Brantley and the Gator offense. Demps is not fully recovered
from his injury and that completely stops the Gators. Richardson
goes nuts and scores 3 TDs to lead the Crimson Tide to a big

The Franchise – Bama 21-17

Long story short… Bama is a better team than us right now.
They retained most of their offense and lost a lot of defense. We lost alot of both, but retain alot of defensive talent.

What has been often missed in this transition this year is the 4 new coaches/coordinators that we have this year. There’s no way a Charlie STrong defense let’s what happened in Atlanta last year happen again… although, I believe Charlie Strong was the DC when Bama hung 31 on us in our last visit to Tuscaloosa. Different Jimmie’s and Joe’s back then though.

Beating Bama in T-town at night is hard enough… no Rainey doesn’t help. Demps being banged up isn’t good either. I thought Mark Ingram was the most boring Heisman winner since Ron Dayne, but it turns out the kid is a grown ass man hellbent on shutting down all the “not even the best RB on his own team” chatter that was out there.

It’s been a VERY, VERY long time since Gator fans have had the, “::gulp:: I just hope we don’t get blown out” face going into a game (Jan 7, 2006 was the last time I felt that way), but we’ve got it this week. It’s humbling, but I think we’ll play well. Unfortunately, with our #7 ranking, a loss in this spot pretty much ends our BCS hopes with Boise and TCU’s schedule littered with St. Mary’s school for the blind and the Illinois State Women’s soccer team the rest of the way. Too bad… a rematch in Atlanta is not out of the question, but the stakes for us could be Sugar Bowl or Orange Bowl at best.

And THAT ladies and gentlemen… is the argument against a playoff. This game wouldn’t mean a damn thing if there was a playoff later on.   Go Gators… prove me wrong.

JDubYou3 – Bama 31-24

On defense, Florida will display stretches of inspired football punctuated by 16-yard Bama runs.

On offense, Florida will move the ball just enough to stay in the game.

In the end, Bama’s talent and experience trump our talent and youth and we’re left with the empty solace of a moral victory.

The game will be close, but victory will slip away like Ingram through a Gator arm tackle

Sonny Beam – Bama 62-38

I woke up this morning at 2:37 AM in shivers.  I was actually dreaming about this game and we were down 62-27 with 9:03 left in the 4th Quarther.  Bama had the ball, but Trattou had just made a big stop and was trying to rally the D, while Bama players pointed at the scoreboard..

Because the details were so vivid, I’m going to have to stick with this prediction.  I assume Bama punted on this drive, but not sure the Gators bit into the lead too much after that.

Sam McCorkle – Bama 34-20

It is a rare day when the Gators stroll into a Saturday as an underdog. Other than the Zooker years, we’ve generally come out as angry and furious in these games and have won more than we’ve lost. But this Saturday is a tall order. We play the most freshmen in the country. Our QB, or should I say both our QBs, are still green, especially when it comes to hostile road environs. I still don’t trust our offense to consistently move the chains and reliably score points. And I think our biggest weakness on defense has been the front 7. Our LBs don’t make enough plays and won’t be able to contain Ingram and Richardson. I see a close game broken open in the second half when our young defense is pummeled into submission.

Sam supplied the following nuggets…

– Meyer has coached the Gators in 71 games since 2005 and is 3-0 as an underdog. He’s 8-2 straight up and 8-1-1 against the spread versus top-five opponents.

– Combined, 52 straight regular season wins… 3 of last 4 national championships… 2 of last 3 Heisman winners… have met 7 times in SEC championship game

– Phil Steele (philsteele.com) used Florida as the “Underdog Play of the Week” in his newsletter, calling for the Crimson Tide to win, 24-23.

Paul Sjoberg (aka The Show) – Florida 34-31

I’m the only one picking Florida.  I don’t have a legit reason other than I think Urban and the coaches have been hiding EVERYTHING on Offense.  So I’m hoping we get to 34 that way.  I hope are Defense can hold up…I think Bama gets their yards and turns in the end zone…BUT I am hoping we can shock the world.  Worse case it’d be nice to at least cover in Tuscaloosa.  I hate that Bama is so good, but what are you going to do.

Soft 19 (didn’t even mail it in)

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2 Responses to “Banging” Bama

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  2. Soft 19 says:

    Since I was called out in the article, I’ll make my prediction in the comment section:

    Florida 28-27

    The Gator Nation’s collective sphincters will be so tight during the entire game that you won’t be able to squeeze in a peanut with the help of an industrial size tube of KY Jelly. Big plays on special teams put the gators over the edge (blocked field goal a la South Carolina in 2006).

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