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Here at we are a boys club to the extreme.  Everything we know about Cheerleading comes from the movie Bring it On.  Kirsten Dunst in her prime and the introduction of Eliza Dushku was enough to keep us interested. But honestly in high school and college we didn’t even get close to cheerleaders (they are intimidating).  So needless to say we were shocked when Sophomore Tarin Moses, a University of Florida Cheerleader, agreed to be interviewed. By the way Tarin and the rest of the girls are completely diesel, if you think these girls are playing around you got another thing coming.  Check it out and ask yourself, “Could I do THIS?” Here is our brief discussion with Tarin….

1.  Very few people understand how much work goes into being a Division I Cheerleader. Can you give us an idea of what your typical week is like balancing classes, practice, workouts, and games?

The amount of time consumed by cheerleading every week is a lot more than people assume. People think we just show up to the games and cheer at them. What everyone doesn’t realize is on Monday’s we have work outs in the South End Zone of the stadium with a trainer provided by the UAA. Tuesday’s we have a three hour practice preparing for anything we have to do that week. Usually, we are off on Wednesdays which is when most of us catch up on classes. Thursday’s we have another three hour practice followed by our second weekly lift in the South End Zone. These are the consistent things that happen every week. Then you have to take into account appearances and games. We arrive at games significantly early to get taped, get rehab, and to warm up as a team. Other things like appearances consume a lot of our time. You never know what to expect from an appearance.

2.  A lot of Gator fans only see Cheerleaders at Gator sporting events and maybe around campus as students, but outside of the normal routine what other activities do Gator Cheerleaders get involved with as a team?

Anything you can think of we probably have done. Lately, we went to Jump Rope for Hearts at a local elementary school, we have announced the top eight at eight on 101.3 radio station, and so many other things. Every Saturday during football season we do multiple appearances outside alumni hall, in hotels, for the bull gators and even in the most random places on away trips! You honestly never know what to expect when an appearance comes around.

3.  The UAA and the annual 2 Bits Golf Tournament provide partial scholarships to the Gator Cheerleaders. Have you ever met George Edmondson, Jr. (Mr. 2-Bits)? What has he meant to the Gator Cheerleading program?

I have met Mr. 2-Bits one time at an appearance and got my picture taken with him! We are eternally grateful for everything Mr. 2-Bits has done for us. It is so nice to have someone show their appreciation for all the hard word we do and how much of our lives are based around cheerleading.

4.  Cheerleaders obviously support athletes during games, and have other opportunities to interact with the players as well. Are there any current basketball or football players who vocally support Gator Cheerleading?

Yes, all of the athletes and coaches really appreciate everything we do for them. Coach Amanda Butler (Florida Women’s Basketball Coach) has even had our team at her home to show her appreciation. Also, the support from the Gator Athletes in [my] running for American Cheerleaders COY was incredible and something I had never expected.

5.  You are only a Sophomore so you have a few years left at UF, but in your time as a Gator what would you say has been your most memorable moment?

Besides the obvious big wins, incredible touch downs, and buzzer beaters, my most memorable moment would have to be the trip to Nashville for Men’s SEC [Basketball Tournament] last year. Over the past few years, my teammates have become my best friends. I now live with two girls I met because of Florida cheerleading. Being in Nashville with my best friends was an amazing experience, and I can’t wait until Atlanta this year to have another memorable trip. I am so grateful for cheerleading because it has allowed me to see places I would never been able to see otherwise. I am only a sophomore and have been to almost every other SEC school and have gotten to experience what their stadiums are like. After seeing all the common comparisons such as Death Valley, it is official the Swamp is the loudest stadium in the SEC.

6.  Besides the hard work and the privilege to be front and center for Gator sporting events, what really is the best part about being a Gator Cheerleader?

I think the best part about being a Gator cheerleader would have to be all of the different people I have met. The opportunities that cheerleading has opened for me have been amazing. We get the chance to personally know the athletes, coaches, announcers, and a lot of people that contribute to making the Gator Nation what it is today,

7.  Some people may not realize it but you were named Cheerleader of the Month in August of 2010 by American Cheerleader Magazine, and therefore nominated for Cheerleader of the Year. When do you hear if you won? What would it mean to you to be named 2010’s Cheerleader of the Year?

I have no idea when they are going to announce who won. I found out that I was nominated for Cheerleader of the Year after they had already flown me to NY city for the photoshoot. Becoming Cheerleader of the Month was such an amazing experience that I never expected could actually happen. There are so many amazing and deserving cheerleaders out there that to be name COM was completely unexpected. If I was named American Cheerleaders COY it would be the most unbelievable thing that has ever happened to me. The other five girls also running are extremely beautiful, so talented, and very well deserving of the title. I know whoever wins will make the Cheerleading world proud with all of her accomplishments.

Lastly, we got this close to DickieV once and he ducked into a hotel at the Final Four to avoid us…

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