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It starts with a passionate love for the game…  and a little, inconsequential, not really a big deal, ‘I don’t have a problem, honey’ addiction.  College Football doesn’t really need an enhancer, but it feels so good to have one: playing the spreads.  It’s the whipped cream and a cherry on top of your ice cream, a little 80s nose candy to go with your crazy Bartles & James buzz, or a prostate massage to help you finish the right way.  College Football is just fine as it is, but the lines, the challenge of taking down the pros in Vegas, and thrill of nailing it (or even just coming back on the PAC-10/Hawaii home games to break even on the day) makes it so much better!

Over the years, fellow contributor Sam McCorkle and I have played the fall weekends with both careful strategy and reckless drunken vengeance.  The former tends to pay off much better, but both can really make the weekend.  The goal:  break even (including the juice).  No harm, no foul, right?  With such a modest approach, I am humbly proud to say that we are up more than we are down over the years.  At least that’s what we tell ourselves when we reload every September.

This year, with the launch of bourbonmeyer.com, we bring you into our world of consideration, determination, and disease on the lines.  We don’t necessarily always play together or agree, but we do hash it out to make our decisions.  We also know when to ride each other’s hot streak (that really came out differently than intended) and talk each other off the ledge.

We’ll keep the breakdowns short and sweet with just a handful of games.  We may also have to make up some ground on a Saturday and put out our desperation specials.

Here are the week 1 picks:

Usually, we are huge fans of picking dogs when throwing down.  It’s all about finding an overbloated line on an undeserving favorite.  For week 1, we have learned to change the strategy a bit and lay big points with the deserving big programs feasting on the Lettuce Wraps and Shrimp Poppers showing up on the early season menu.  So, we’ll start with the big point covers.

UGA -28 Ull. Even though the respect UGA is getting this year with a ranking seems undue, we are taking the Dawgs at -28 (buy the .5 if you have to) over the Cajuns.  Even with the Waterboy in the mix, SCLSU is an average Sun Belt team at best.  Dawgs pound in this one.

BAMA -37 Sjsu. Unlike his predecessor who couldn’t cover a grain of rice with a Trojan Magnum, Saban coaches these games without mercy like John Kreese. THERE IS NO PAIN IN THIS DOJO… IS THERE?  NO SENSEI! Bama rolls against the hapless Spartans.

OU -33.5 Utah st. Stoops learned the value of lighting up the scoreboard a long time ago.  No different here.

For the competitive games, McCorkle and I found some common ground on a few, but had to go our separate ways on the Labor Day weekend finale.

Purdue +11 ND. The vast and spread Irish alumni really think a lot of themselves and their team even though history bid farewell to this program’s high status after the 2001 Fiesta Bowl fiasco against Oregon State.  A new coach, who may con a lifetime contract out of ND if they start 4-0, has optimism astir in the Irish nation.  Don’t believe it.  The line is overinflated with ND bets.  Take the points and the Boilermakers.

Washington +2 BYU. Huskies might be for real this year riding Locker in his final year.  Our gut says that this is their coming out party, despite BYU’s recent dominance over the Pac-10.

Oregon St +13.5 TCU. Despite losing a player with a creative way of confronting the law, the Beavers will hang with the Horny Toads.

Mizzou -12 Zook. The Tigers begin hammering the Zookers coffin shut in Week 1.  Sure, Zook will cover against Ohio State in a few weeks, but the first few games are all about getting that point spread high enough to beat expectations.  Remember, we’re improving every week. We’re getting better as a football team.

As the marquee match up of the weekend and sitting as the lone game on Monday, Boise St/Va Tech is a must play.  McCorkle, who summered in Boise in August, is taking the Broncos (-2) because they are a ‘Team’ and ‘Believe in Themselves.’  I’m taking the Hokies (+2) because I drove through Blacksburg last weekend.  Va Tech running game and D line make the difference.

If we shit the bed with these picks, you may hear back from us tomorrow on how to get it all back in the late games!  If not… see you next week!

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