Florida’s Offensive Offense

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Here is the tale of the tape for Florida’s Offense versus Miami (OH) and we warn you, it is offensive.

Thanks to GatorMac2112 (who apparently has way too much time on his hands) for putting this video together. 

Here are our thoughts, after having gone through this play by play.

1.  Halapio is suspect at right guard – the rest of the line, for the most part, made passable efforts to block what seems to be the right people each play.  Halapio stone-cold whiffed on several plays, and spent several more wandering around looking for someone to block. 

2.  Pridemore struggles to pick up blocks on the move – not a good trait for a FB.  He gets it right about half the time, especially picking up blitzes and meeting guys head on.  Where he seems to struggle is blocking/hooking guys as he moves laterally, edge blocks, etc.  We think this is why you’ll start to see Burton in there on some plays.  But this trend cannot continue, as it will send a signal to an astute D coordinator.

3.  Rainey cannot block; Moore cannot block; Thompson whiffs occasionally; pretty much all our WRs but Hines cannot block – we will not be able to run to the edges if these guys cannot sustain blocks.  The long run Demps broke was to the short side where there was no WR lined up.  We pulled half the line and swept the corner and there was no safety behind.  Flare passes, WR screens and any other passes into the flat are doomed if the WR cannot hold blocks.  Also, can we see Debose in the lineup, please. 

4.  Demps doesn’t read blocks well – he is scary fast, but only has one cut in him, and he doesn’t appear to set up or read his blocks very well.  Not good in an offense with so many zone read plays.  Combine this with Moody’s pathological anticipation of contact (preemptive lean) which causes him to go down after 4 yards and our boy Gillislee (and maybe Mack Brown, if we ever see him in a game) is probably the best option at RB. 

5.  Burton is sound – We see why the coaches love him.  For a true frosh to consistently execute so well is impressive.  And he’s bigger than we thought he was.  We’d like to see him get some run at H-back to set up the double pass for a long TD against Bama.

6.  Brantley missed a couple of throws – he made a couple of nice ones, but there were a couple of fairly easy tosses he overthrew.  We suspect the snap issues disrupted his rhythm dramatically.  This is not something of real concern just yet. 

6.  Miami was in our head; save for a couple of plays, they almost always had the run/pass tendency dialed-in – they loaded the box when they should, and spread out when they should.  We are hoping this was a result of a vanilla game plan, but still.  We didn’t throw out of the I-formation at all.  They loaded up and stopped it most of the time.  We have got to do a better job keeping out opponents off balance. 

8.  Miami seems to have good speed at LB, either that or we’re slower than we think – looking at the video closely, we were amazed at how they repeatedly closed on us.  Usually, they were in the right spots to begin with, but there were a couple of times we thought we’d outrun their guy and we didn’t.  We hope they are better then everyone thinks. 

9.  Too many plays designed to get the ball into the hands of receivers sitting still – our passes seem to find their way into the hands of stationary receivers too often for our taste.  Maybe Brantley is checking down a lot, who knows.  But we think with the athletes we have we need to give them a chance to break one. 

We’ve obviously left out the snapping issue.  Pouncey claims to have fixed it…we are skeptical.  But either way, Robey is 100% this week so if it happens again, we fully expect to see Pouncey at guard and Robey at center.  All will be right with the world and we pick up another couple hundred yards of offense and a few scores over last week. 

Bourbon Meyer is not losing faith yet, but a second setback this week versus USF could be devastating.

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