Marotti aka Hernia-maker

Dear Mr. Marotti,

We here at the National Ambulatory Hernia Institute (NAHI) have teamed with the National Hernia Network for the 2010-2011 Hernia-Maker Award.  We are contacting you to let you know that not only are you a nominee but you are a finalist.  Your dedication and uncanny ability to push young men too far in the weight room has finally paid off.   Most recently your determination resulted in twitter exploding with the news that Freshmen Offensive Tackle, Chaz Green was having hernia surgery earlier today.  We had no problem researching the results of your work with Chaz (a few google searches sufficed).  We will make our final decision in just a few short months.  Thank you and keep up the good work.


Dr. Neardich Inguinal

P.S.  Congratulations on your 2009-2010 Italian with No Neck Award.  And lastly don’t click this (I know you want to)….::pauses and waits for you to view the link::….told you not to click on it.

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