Leave Easley and Powell Alone

The annual Fall “University” Cycle began this week at the University of Florida.  Over 7,000 “kids” moved into the residence halls,  over 50,000 students started classes, 3 co-eds got transferred to Shands for alcohol poisoning, and 2 freshmen football players skipped practice yesterday.  Those with the largest adjustment and highest stress are the Graduating Class of 2014. They are freshmen and some of them are as young as 17.  They don’t know anything yet but what their parents, high school friends, and youtube (and twitter, and facebook) have told them.  Most will move into a room with a complete stranger, and if they are lucky that person will be someone completely different from them…because then they will really learn something.  College opens peoples’ eyes (especially freshmen year), it truly levels the playing field and makes people realize that perhaps their perception of the world to this point has not been reality.

Bourbon Meyer was not at all surprised by the swirl regarding Ronald Powell and Dominique Easley….after all…they are freshmen!!!  You have some folks blaming this on the Offensive line for being too tough on them (:: coughs :: like Mr. Pouncey) and you got others blaming Urban Meyer for closing practices (lame).

Bourbon Meyer chalks it up to this…These guys have been told their whole high school careers (and maybe earlier) that they were incredible, destined for greatness, the best of the best.  Well, what happens when your high school greatness is now met with Division I SEC level talent?  I think you start to realize you haven’t met your full potential yet, you feel threatened.  You probably say some stuff you don’t really believe to pump yourself up.  Sound anything like your freshmen year?  And you know what…it sucks when you get called on it.

So go easy on these two “kids”, because no matter what their height, weight, or bench press is…they are still “kids”.  They are going to have to find their sweet spot on this team, their role, their place.  They aren’t the first freshmen to skip practice (or class) and they are going to screw up along the way.  And you know what….they might even be a little home sick (even though they won’t admit it).

Urban Meyer and the coaches probably already have it under control and this story was old news to the team before it even broke.  Lastly, please don’t try to blame this on Urban keeping practices closed.  The media would have jumped on this story the same exact way if practice would have been open and the players were MIA.  So lets not make this a bigger thing then it needs to be.  It’s just two freshmen, away from home for the first time…trying to figure out how they fit in.  And with any luck they will learn something along the way (and hopefully win a few SEC and National Titles).  Go Gators.

P.S.  If those guys do end up transferring down the line….then screw them, they are dead to us, and disregard everything we just wrote.

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