Gator Basketball, It’s FANTASTIC is definitely football based, but in actuality most of us love hoops.  We played intramurals at UF, we play pickup games against Gator players (Udonis Haslem, Teddy Dupay, Percy Harvin…the list goes on).  So it’s only fair we give ‘dem basketball gator boys a run.

UF wrapped up their exhibition season tonight with a huge win against Georgetown College.  It’s in Kentucky, it’s small, they suck. We beat them by 20+.  Truthfully we beat them by 26, I wrote this section of the article before the game J.

Anyways, here is what you need to know.  We return all 5 starters.  We are picked by the media and coaches to win the SEC East.  This is the best squad Billy has put together arguably since the ’04 recruiting class one back to back National Championships.  There is pretty good reason for the hype.  Parson’s is the unofficial leader of the team.  Kenny Boynton’s shot is supposed to be much improved, and the freshmen look diesel and ready to roll.  We are deep!!!

I know it will be hard but try to watch them this season.  Follow their progress, they are going to be interesting to watch.  Some additional information on the team…Here is the squad & their twitter accounts…

Shout Out to two guys in particular (mostly because they follow us on twitter and interact from time to time)…

Adam Allen we wish you the best of luck in your rehab.

Mike Rosario can’t wait to see you next year, sucks that you gotta sit out your transfer year.

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