Life of a Distance Gator Alumnus

Here at we like to reminisce a lot about our past lives in Gainesville.  Because for most of us Thursday nights at the Purple Porpoise/Gator City aren’t geographically possible, Friday afternoon basketball no longer fits into our work schedule, and sleeping in on Saturday mornings are over because most of us have kids and unless you consistently keep them up until midnight then they are up at 8 or 9am.

So here are my typical Game Day related activities.  It typically begins with getting the kids’ minds right.  So Friday at dinner we pump them up by telling them which one of the Gator Crews’ homes we are going to watch the game at.  Each locale has different attributes that the kids love, so we play that up big time.  Sonny Beam has a pool, a cat, and a new baby to get excited about, Soft 19’s locale requires a trip into Washington DC which the kids love…there is also an elevator ride, and yet another couple cats to get excited about.  Silent member Jdubyou3 doesn’t have any animals, but they have plenty of space, a 4 year old son with toys, and a new baby.  So no matter where we go the kids are entertained and Dad gets to enjoy the game and “a few” dranks.  Saturday the routine is more or less the same….Here is this morning’s running diary…

6:15am – Most mornings my oldest (a girl of nearly 4) will wake the wife up pre-7am.  So on the weekends I get to share in the experience.  We usually talk her into laying in the bed with us until the digital clock says seven, zero, zero.  It is her job to let us know the time…this is one time where Daddy is proud of failure.  “Oh Daddy, it’s seven, zero, eight…I missed seven, zero, zero.”.  Awesome, a snooze alarm with half my genetics.

7:15am – Now the dog is whining because we are still laying in bed and he needs to “let loose”.  This is usually when I contemplate getting one of these.

7:20am – I drag myself out of bed and throw on a Gator Hoodie and some sweats because it’s game day and because here in Northern VA it’s already in the 50-60’s during the night and mornings.  The best dog ever does his thing and I go downstairs to feed him.

7:30am – After feeding the dog I remember that the wife wanted me to vacuum the living room last night and I “forgot”.  Truthfully, she fell asleep and I stayed up and watched that awful show on ABC where John Quinones puts people’s awkwardness with strangers and overt racism on camera and in front of the rest of America.  I snag the vacuum and knock that out before she comes downstairs.  Woot!

7:40am – I’m sling’in pancakes already.  Just like Gator Football in the fall, pancakes are a tradition on Saturdays.  The wife has the kids in their Gator gear already as they run downstairs to scarf some ‘cakes.  My daughter will pretty much only wear this blue plaid Gator dress that we scored 2nd hand from some friends who live in Orlando (I think they scooped it at Cracker Barrel).  The dress is too short, I tell her to put shorts on underneath, she resists,  Dear God…my nightmare is beginning at 3…what is 14 going to be like. My son who just turned 2 will wear whatever we put him in.  He’s rocking some cargos and a #1 Gator Jersey.

7:50am – Everyone is fork deep into at least their 2nd pancake.  I turn on the laptop for some iTunes action and open a window.  It’s a nice cool morning so we are getting a nice breeze.  We pretty much only listen to country around the kids now because more or less it’s the cleanest thing on the radio.  That decision was made after my Daughter (then 2 years old) displayed her amazing singing talent; normally great except JayZ’s “On to the next one” came out…kind of trifling right?  So now it’s Taylor Swift and Zac Brown Band now.

8am – I change with the quickness into some cargos and a long sleeve t-shirt with my new T-shirt over top.  I put the white on white Nikes on and head for the door with two sticky note lists.  One with a list for Trader Joe’s on it and the other for Giant Supermarket.  Not sure what is worse…sleeping off a hangover or having to go shopping at TWO FREAKING GROCERY STORES!!!  At least I’m not hungover and at the grocery stores at the same time.

8:40am – I pull back into the parking spot at home after knocking out the lists (both stores are close to the house and it’s too damn early for crowds).

9am – I let the kids watch TV, something on Nick Jr. that has some annoying talking pigs while I start writing this post.

10:15am – Crap!  Over an hour has gone by and my kids are officially zombified by the TV.  Here’s where Dad audibles and gets them pumped for the game.  “Time for football kids!!”  I flip on the PS3.  The boy doesn’t care much he’s too young.  The daughter protests vehemently but gives in when I tell her she can pick the uniform colors.  Jackpot!!!  BTW…Erin Andrews and the rest of the Game Day crew are getting DVR’d right now…so don’t send me hate mail.

This is pretty much how Saturday morning’s go now.  It’s not quite sleeping off a hangover but at the same time it’s kind of rewarding and fun.  Soft 19 is due at the crib at Noon, I’ll have most of Game Day watched but we’ll watch the early games and have a bourbon drink, and we’ll probably leave for Jdubyou3’s at around 2pm after the boy wakes up from a nap.

Life is different since graduating and leaving Gainesville, but we’ll still get to see the Gators play (just in High Def rather than the 80th row) and most importantly we’ll still beat those Vols.  GO GATORS!!!!

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