Hey Media, Shutup about Chris Rainey

Bourbon Meyer is a group of old friends who (admittedly) love Gator Sports.  After news broke of Urban Meyer’s decision to reinstate Chris Rainey to the team a bunch of media pundits started weighing in.  Typically we don’t like to backlink to articles that piss us off but in this case we think it’s deserved…these three ass-hats and their articles or posts tweaked us the most… 

Tyler Duffy

Gregg Doyel

Mike Bianchi

So here is a peek behind the scenes at BourbonMeyer.com.  I think “The Franchise” sums up our discontent best with the following rant…oh by the way, Tyler Duffy you get it the worst…

I fucking hate this shit!!!

I knew Rainey was going to be reinstated around this time, I just prayed that we won the LSU game so nobody would put the, “THEy’re panicking and need help” tag on it.

Look at Rainey’s stats this year… he fucking sucks. He’s no better or worse than Robert Clarke at this point!

It’s not like he’s Denard fucking Robinson!!!!

Nobody knows that these kids, especially these Lakeland kids have a special place in Urban’s heart. Rainey was raised for a good portion of his life by the Pouncey family… that says enough about where he’s coming from. He got emotional about a girl rejecting him (HELLO– REJECTION… had to live with someone else’s family growing up… HELLO… deeper fucking issues here!!) and sent a crazy text. My god if I had 4.3 speed, who know what kind of shit i would have been in for the things I said to girls when I was 20 (or 30 for that matter).

Here’s the thing…

  • Brett Favre took a picture of his junk and sent it to one of the 20 “sexiest-sluttiest” chicks I’ve ever seen in my life.
  • Tiger Woods texted a chick that “I’ll wear you out”
  • Chris Rainey texted, “time to die bitch”

This shit happens.The same shit we used to say or write on paper we text now and it gets sent world wide. I can only imagine the shit Brian Bosworth, Joe Namath and Randy Moss said to girls at OU, Bama and Florida State-Notre Dame-Marshall. MJ’s text messages would have been it’s own TV show or website… “texts to MJ”.

My point is… what the fuck is Urban supposed to do? Turn his fucking back on every kid that messes up now? He sat in his living room (or the Pouncey’s) and told them he’s take care of him. Rainey has to sit out a month of the football season… (the only thing that really gives his life meaning and the game that defines him as a person at this point, cause believe me… he’s a flaming asshole otherwise) and you don’t think that affected him? You don’t think he’s dying inside? You don’t think he apologizes to his teammates every day for letting them down like this when they need him more than they ever have? There’s a guy who calls the police station on campus every week and threatens to come on campus and set himself on fire in a classroom or make a cop shoot him (true story!!). Do you know what people think of him? Nothing… cause he’s slow. He’s not in the news cause he’s not a football player, but he’s human. A lunatic, but human. So is Chris Rainey. He made a mistake… he’s paid for it. Whether you or I think it’s enough doesn’t matter because we don’t get to judge Chris Rainey and his text messages. That fuckstick who wrote that post should go back and review the shit he did when he was 20 and 21 years old. How would he feel if everything that meant anything was taken away because you wanted a hand job in the middle of the night and couldn’t get one so you snapped a little bit. How would “TYDUFFY” feel if I kicked the broom out of his hand, or made him move out of his momma’s basement cause of a mean text message (that by the way… Ms. Anderson dropped the charges and never felt threatened).

I’ve got a Gator sized chip on my shoulder over this shit now.

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One Response to Hey Media, Shutup about Chris Rainey

  1. O-town Gator says:

    Rainey did something idiotic, and he paid the price for it – ’nuff said. If he was physically violent toward his girlfriend, Urban would have kicked his ass off the team with no questions asked. There were mitigating circumstances involved in his case, and seeing he was a first-time offender Urban handled it the right way. Yet the media is always looking for anything negative to attack Urban on like a cat jumping a mouse, so it doesn’t surprise me that hacks like Bianchi and Doyel stick their .02 in – both of them seem to go in whatever direction the wind may be blowing any given day as many have figured out already.

    And people wonder why I can’t stand the media either…..

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