One Night in Gainesville: Brandon Spikes Sex Tape Investigation

Well, Gator Fans, it had to happen eventually.  For those of you who have been on campus at UF, you’ve seen the level of female “talent” brought in each year by the fine folks in the admissions office.  For an 18-22 year old football player, it must be damn near impossible to resist the opportunity to make a tape of yourself having a *cough* romantic evening with one of the lovely young ladies on campus.

According to, Brandon Spikes (defensive leader for the past few years prior to his graduation) is being investigated for sex tape that has surfaced before he became an NFL player.  But hey, what’s he supposed to do while he’s waiting for the draft?  You can only go to the game room in the Reitz Union so many times before it gets old.

The No Fun League is probably going stick it to Mr. Spikes (sans-lube) to make a point of player conduct.  But I ask you this, Mr. Commissioner: if you had the chance to tape yourself with a co-ed or two when you were 22 years old about about to be a millionaire, would you have done it?  I’ll keep the line open for your response.

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One Response to One Night in Gainesville: Brandon Spikes Sex Tape Investigation

  1. blahbalh says:

    he didn’t record it.. someone else did while he was on chatroulette

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