Bad Photoshop, Gator Football Coach Edition

Holy Hashtags!!! (Or “number signs” as Coach Muschamp would say)

The internet is full of bad photoshop and other poorly executed picture manipulation. It’s a trifling place with smoothed out swimsuit models and sadly designed internet memes. And apparently the instagram and twitter accounts of some of the various Gator Football Coaches mirrors the rest of the internet.

As a Gator fan we want our coaches to relate to recruits. But please coaches, can we quality control the photoshop a bit? Or maybe hire a professional? Here are some examples of what we are talking about. Click each thumbnail for a larger version, and visit the each coach’s twitter or instagram page to see even more examples:

Offensive Line’s Coach Tim Davis – Twitter | Instagram

Offensive Coordinator and QB’s Coach Brent Pease – Twitter | Instagram

Wide Reciever’s Coach and Recruiting Coordinator Joker Phillips – Twitter | Instagram

Running Back’s Coach Brian White – Twitter | Instagram

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