Bad Boy or Death Row

Well, we’ve had a few days to digest Saturday’s rancid meal. As evidenced by our predictions, we were realistic about the Gators chances in Tuscaloosa. A familiar refrain from many of us was “I hope we don’t get embarrassed.” That worked out about as well as our hopes that we wouldn’t have a hangover after consuming double-digit drinks to quash the pain.

But life goes on. The college football season is now in its adolescence. The Gators are reduced to also-ran’s. But the real story of the weekend was the emergence of an East Coast-West Coast rivalry the likes of which we haven’t seen since Biggie and Tupac. On one coast, the pundits and fans will tell you how stout Alabama is. They’ll tell you Ohio State has its best team ever. On the other side of the country, Oregon’s bandwagon is as crowded as a two-dollar whorehouse. The noise for the Ducks, though, barely eclipses that for Boise State. Amazingly, the Broncos have become the Yankees of college football… you either love them or hate them, no in between.

So this week’s BM poll, of course, has those four teams at the top followed by a slew of teams with legitimate chances of sneaking into the BCS discussion if the wind blows their way. LSU continues to be the most fascinating team in the country. The genius of Les Miles was on full display on Saturday. His awesome clock management and groundbreaking final play strategy trapped young Derek Dooley inside the asylum. The other team we’re keeping on eye on is Michigan, with their equally insane coach. Denard Robinson’s impression of a unmanned predator drone the past five weeks has been spot on and means the Wolverines are a combustible force in this season’s cocktail.

We again offer respect and good wishes to Mark Dantonio. The Spartans continue to play inspired football and hopefully the huge-balled coach returns to the sidelines at some point this season.

Lastly, we welcome Florida State back to the rankings. The Seminoles beatdown in Norman was no worse to the eyes than the Gators beatdown in Alabama. So we shiver in anticipation of our regular season finale that for the first time in six years figures to be competitive. And given that Miami is probably better than both, the Gators grip on the Sunshine State is tenuous. Excuse us while we climb into the car, close the garage door and listen to some tunes.

1. Alabama

2. Oregon

3. Ohio State

4. Boise State

5. Oklahoma

6. Nebraska

7. TCU

8. Auburn

9. Utah

10. Arizona

11. Arkansas

12. LSU

13. Miami

14. Michigan

15. Iowa

16. Florida

17. Michigan State

18. Stanford

19. South Carolina

20. Oklahoma State

21. Florida State

22. Nevada

23. Air Force

24. Missouri

25. Wisconsin

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