Accountability, Development and Less Prima Donnas

In a bold statement, wide receiver Chris Rainey told the Miami Herald that “all the selfish cats” who were more interested in the NFL were gone as the Gators took the practice field for the start of camp yesterday.  Quickly following the statement Urban Meyer and the Gator coaching staff promptly stepped in with a well timed, “what he meant to say was….”  The Coaching staff will stress a theme of “Accountability and Development” this season.  With the preseason coaches poll ranking the Gators at #3, they’ll have their work cut out for them.

Miami Herald Article: “Forida Gators WR Chris Rainey: ‘We got rid of the prima donnas’

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2 Responses to Accountability, Development and Less Prima Donnas

  1. The Franchise says:

    What he meant to say is, “I’m an unadulterated raging asshole and nobody on this team has ever really liked me”. I wish Percy was still on the team to punch him in his face again! Teams that just finished 7-5 say things like that… not 13-1!!

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