A Loss at LSU Will NOT Kill the Gators’ Season

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Well Alabama was frustratingly familiar.

After exploding out of the gate with a 65-yard touchdown pass to Andre Debose, the Gators struggled against Alabama the rest of the night.

Florida was pushed off the line on both sides of the ball, completely unable to stop the Alabama rushing game.  Trent Richardson finished with a career-high 181 yards and two touchdowns, while the Gators only managed 15 total yards on the ground.

While the Gator secondary contained the Tide’s receivers, limiting them to 12 catches for 140 yards without a score, the attempts to stop Richardson were horrible.  All the Gators took ill-advised tackling angles and fell off the ball carrier all night.

Still, the Gators hung with the Tide early despite not being able to get Demps or Rainey in space. Florida moved the ball effectively through the air, driving against one of the nation’s top defenses.

Until two plays, both by Courtney Upshaw, changed the game.

On the first, Brantley tried to hit Trey Burton on a drag route underneath. OL Xavier Nixon did a great job of blocking Upshaw on the blitz, but right as Brantley released, Upshaw drifted into the passing lane, and the low ball went right to him.

Upshaw rumbled the 45 yards to the endzone untouched to give Alabama a 17-10 lead.

Late in the second quarter, the Gators were threatening again, with second down on the ‘Bama 15.

Brantley was blindsided by LB Alex Watkins, losing 12 yards on the sack. Then, Upshaw struck again, sacking Brantley for 10 yards.  On the tackle, Brantley’s right leg got caught under him, and the Swamp fell silent as their quarterback was helped off the field.

Enter Jeff Driskel, the highly-touted freshman. The Gators’ prized recruit had one Tebow-esque run for 31 yards, but completed only two passes.

Even with the Florida defense holding Alabama scoreless in the third quarter, there was no coming back against the Tide.

With a matchup against No. 1 LSU looming, it’s looking grim for the Gators.

Brantley’s gruesome injury may not be as bad as it initially looked, as several news outlets have reported he only suffered a high ankle sprain, not an ACL tear.

Still, Brantley has been ruled out for Saturday in Baton Rouge, meaning Jeff Driskel will get his first start against the Tigers.

An 18-year-old kid. In the hardest place to play in the nation. With no real game experience.

At least the game is in the afternoon. The Tigers, like the binge drinking of their fans, are nearly unstoppable at night in Baton Rouge.

But fret not, Gator fans. I’m here to tell you that this game does not matter.

Like you, it hurts me to see Florida lose. Defeats crush both soul and liver. But we can afford to drop this game. In the grand scheme of things, this game decides nothing.

South Carolina lost to Auburn on Saturday, meaning we are still tied for first in the SEC East.

Therefore, even if we lose to LSU, we can still make it to Atlanta.

There are four SEC games after LSU. First we go to Auburn, who looks a shade of its former self without Cam Newton on the payroll and Nick Fairley eating up the line of scrimmage. Then we get a bye, giving Brantley precious time to heal.  Next is the cocktail party in Jacksonville. Georgia looks subpar (as usual!) this year, and if we beat them with Steve Addazio calling plays, surely we can with Charlie Weis.

Then Vanderbilt visits the Swamp; no explanation necessary. Lastly, we go to Columbia to play South Carolina, a game that once again looks like it will decide the SEC East champion.

The Gamecocks have underperformed their preseason expectations, giving up 37 points to East Carolina, 42 to Georgia, and nearly losing to Navy (why would you schedule Navy?!?). Of course, they don’t have to play LSU or Alabama.  Their next four games are Kentucky at home, at MSU, at Tennessee and at Arkansas. The latter two games could end up losses, giving the Gators even more leeway.

My point is simple: Even with a loss at LSU, which looks likely, this season is not lost.  Anyone who thought this team would compete for a national title is guilty of extreme wishful thinking. But, if we can handle our business and exact revenge against South Carolina for the beatdown they handed us last year (I attended that game with a broken ankle and was hopping on one leg after our opening return touchdown), we can still play for a SEC championship.

And by that time, Brantley should be fully recovered, giving us one last shot to take down a SEC West monster, ‘Bama or LSU.

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  1. Joey says:

    Great article Patrick!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Good analysis, Patrick!

  3. Dawn says:

    Thanks for the review – I feel better about Saturday!

  4. Dave says:

    Great perspective! The kids a keeper!

  5. bill says:

    On target for the years outlook!

  6. Eric says:

    Great Article. You should fit in here just fine.

  7. George says:

    I like the article. Welcome aboard Patrick! Although, wishful thinking is not necessarily a bad thing.

  8. Pat says:

    Good article – looking forward to SEC Chanpionship – Go Gators

  9. Patty says:

    Great article Patrick!! Keep writing and GO GATORS!!!!!!

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