30 for 30: Question #29- Was Will Muschamp secretly (or not so secretly) thrilled that Charlie Weis left Florida?

I actually am the type of guy to answer a question with a question, so here it goes:

Does a bear $hit in the woods?!?

The Charlie Weis Project is almost impossible to describe in real life terms. I’ve tried to lay it out in business scenarios, and there’s just nothing like it really. Just imagine being Will…

You get your first big break. You’ve been named to be head coach at arguably, one of the Top 5 college football head coaching jobs in the country. You leave your “coach in waiting” position at another Top 5 job. To make a big splash and help out because it’s your first time and you sure could use a hand with some of the details, you hire the legendary Charlie Weis. Weis suddenly decided to leave his gig, where he was doing just fine because his wife likes horses and Gainesville is near Ocala… apparently, the closest place to Kansas City with horses.

Charile has tons of experience in the brightest lights and biggest of markets and was a star there (New York, New England… and briefly with Notre Dame). He has worked with potentially 2 of the Top 5 biggest pricks in pro football history (Parcells and Belechick), both of them geniuses. He has a reputation for being just as salty and surly as both of them. And oh, by the way… he’d also like to bring his freshman son along to be an intern of some sort.

There’s no possible way this could end badly.

Again, I’m not sure there’s a good real life comparison to it, but imagine getting your first big break and your most important assistant is a surly, disgruntled, highly pedigreed, previously successful but recently shamed guy who doesn’t take feedback and direction well from a younger less experienced guy.

Now, i don’t know that’s totally true. But in my chosen career path, if I were to go back to being a Residence Life live in staff person and my boss told me that my programming model needed tweaking, I can imagine that I’d look at them like they had a horn growing out of their head and likely wouldn’t listen to them… and I consider myself a very nice guy. Imagine what a prickly person would do.

I’m not going to go into X’s and O’s, because I lack the depth of knowledge to know if that was actually the problem. However, when Charlie Weis decided to suddenly pack his bags and take the head coaching job at Kansas, I don’t think Will shed any tears. It wasn’t exactly Dan Mullen or Charlie Strong leaving Urban (in my book, two crushing departures for the program, especially Charlie). It wasn’t even Bob Stoops leaving Spurrier here.

I wish I could be a fly on the wall to see if Will “encouraged” Charlie to make the move.

Either way, I think Coach Muschamp and the Gators are better off with Weis not being here. There was alot of pomp and circumstance around his arrival, but the result was really just the 2nd coach that had previously worked with Tom Brady that didn’t really impress here and was one and done (Scot Loeffler the other). With Coach Pease, Muschamp now has a coach who is more interested in being part of the coaching staff TEAM and someone more his contemporary who won’t be sharing tales of the Giants, Patriots, Touchdown Jesus.

Football coaches are notorious hard asses who don’t show their true feelings. Coaches often won’t mention the names of Assistants who have left for other jobs. They don’t want to make excuses and want to focus on, “moving forward”. Urbs didn’t often mention Mullen or Charlie. Gene Czhicnakenik at Auburn didn’t mention Gus Malzahn often last year. And so it goes. That’s how coaches are.

I think the proof is in the pudding though, when fans follow suit, and I haven’t heard a peep about anybody missing Charlie.


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