2012 Gator National Signing Day Primer

February 1st is College Football’s National Signing Day. The annual ritual where college football fans hope an undecided athletically gifted 17 or 18 year old kid decides to attend their alma mater to play football. Over the last 5 years following college football recruiting has turned into a year round sport, and on top of that there are actually media-types who are paid to go watch high school games and stalk interview these young football talents for clues on their school attendance leanings.  To be honest it hasn’t quite reached the ridiculousness of the NFL Draft but it’s close. Many people thought Lebron James’s “The Decision” was off putting…well we’ve witnessed a few of these “recruiting announcements”, and some of them are even worse.

We are giving recruiting a hard time because all too often people get way way to caught up in the decision of a junior or senior in high school, to the point that they are blasting them on social media for not choosing “their” school. It all borderlines on insanity. But ultimately the decision these kids make paired with a coach’s ability too build a good class and develop it is what leads to success on the field.

We are excited for this class for one reason and one reason ONLY. This year’s class is a litmus test for Coach Muschamp and Gator Nation.  After a few less than stellar years, is The University of Florida still considered a top notch destination for the nation’s top high school football talent? A “Top 5” class says yes.

So if you aren’t a recruitnik then you might need some help getting up to speed on the Gator’s incoming class.  Bourbon Meyer to the rescue…

Current Gator commits and likely commits for 2012 (updated often)

Gator recruiting since 2007

Average Ratings of over 200+ recruits (spreadsheet)

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