2012 Gator Football Predictions from Our Two Bits Staff

Here is our yearly predictions for the Gators. Before you dive into the ridiculousness please answer the poll below with your thoughts on how well the Gators will do…

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Paul Sjoberg – 10-2

Listen, I really wanted to say 8-4 or 9-3 but everyone was going with that (as you’ll see if you keep reading). So I’ll play the optimist role. The defense keeps us in a ton of games, and the offense doesn’t hold us back as much as people think. An early injury to one of the QB’s makes Coach Muschamp’s indecisiveness look decisive and the Gators go on a tear.

Sam McCorkle – 8-4

As OTB’s resident pessimist, I surprised myself with predicting eight wins. This team is still such a long way from contending in the SEC, a frustration that is familiar to longtime Gators fans but that is causing shock with the more recent generation. Yes the defense has the potential to be very good, although I worry about the absence of Ronald Powell. I also need to see whether they’ve thickened up in the middle and can stuff the power run game. On offense, your guess is as good as mine. QB? WR? RB? OL? Lots of questions and if’s, too many to be consistently effective in the tough SEC. Texas A&M is such a huge second game. A win in College Station puts this team on a good patch and progression from last season. A loss there and this could be Muschamp’s final season. As I pointed out repeatedly last year, the Gators are 0-9 in their last nine games against ranked teams. I see the trend continuing with the four losses, although in a shift, I expect all of them to be close games. Eight wins, a trip to a minor bowl and a small step in the right direction. It is going to take years for Florida to be a national threat again.

Morgan Moriarty – 9-3

I think Florida is capable of having a 9-3 season (I’m highly optimistic, I know) but our defense is BEAST with 10 or 11 starters returning, and our offense WILL be a lot more effective this season…if only we can name a dang quarterback. that’s the biggest question for me this season, and my 9-3 prediction rides on how effective either Jacoby or Jeff is under center. So pumped for football!! Lets do it!!!

Dustin Davis – 8-4

Given all of the unknowns on the offensive side of the ball, I think the gators will be in a lot of close games this year.  Our defense will keep us in all of the games, but I’m not yet convinced that our offense will be able to hold up their part of the deal.  We still aren’t sure which of the two sophomores will ultimately take the reins and we have 347 running backs.  Leaves something to be desired.  I have our squad going 8-4, but I’m not yet sure where a few of the losses will come from.  I think we will lose to either Texas A&M or Tennessee.  Going to two of the toughest places in the country to play (I’ve been to games at both places and they are no joke) in back to back weeks will be too much to overcome.  I don’t think we have the talent on offense to get past the LSU defense.  I think we will drop another game between South Carolina, Georgia and Mizzou even though they are all home games (just have a feeling on this one…no rational thought). The Criminoles will be a toss up, but playing in Tallahassee gives them the edge.  It’s going to be another roller coaster of a season…stock up on your favorite dark liquor and get ready to apologize to your friends after you curse out their significant other for talking about the Kardashians while we’re getting our asses handed to us by a team we should be beating.

Rainman – 10-4

What’s that? 10-4, that prediction makes no sense. We only have 12 games on the schedule and Florida sucks so bad they probably won’t even make a bowl game. Nope, you read that correctly, I am fearlessly predicting that the team I root for will outperform expectations. Crazy concept huh? Well you heard it here first (or second or third, insert the number of Gator football blogs you read). The Gators are going to win the SEC East. Take a close look at that schedule and check out the 7 home games, 3 road games and 1 neutral site game and only 2 of the road games are SEC games. That’s as good as it will get in college football. I think that this Gators defense is going to be one of the top 3 defenses in the country and with the home crowd cheering them on, they go undefeated at home. In fact, my prediction is that the Gators are undefeated going into the Georgia game at Jacksonville, but lose that one. Florida wins the SEC East anyway thanks to a Georgia loss at Auburn in their last SEC game of the season. The Gators will then be overmatched at the end of the season by losing 3 straight games to top 10 teams(FSU, SEC championship, and bowl game) and everyone will focus on the 0-3 end of the season rather than the 10-1 start and Muschamp rumors will start swirling.

Sonny Beam – 8-4

I expect an up and down season as the Gators struggle offensively in a new system and a quandary at QB. The defense will keep them competitive, even against the better teams on the schedule, but this is still a team on the build and the way to a win will not be as clear. Still, I expect a couple exciting upsets and a couple disappointments. The first priority for this year should be getting right at home. Take back the Swamp!

Scott Francis – 9-3
(DISCLAIMER: I am the same guy that picked up to go 10-2 last year with John Brantley being All-SEC second team under the guidance of Charlie Weis. So there’s that.)

Quick… who was the last team in a BCS conference to contend for a conference title using two QBs that were the same style (i.e.- not a wildcat situation, or a runner and passer, ala Leak/Tebow)?
Go ahead… I’ll wait…
You could say LSU last year with Jarrett Lee and Jordan Jefferson, but they didn’t share time in games really. When Lee started, Jeff came in to run options, so **buzzer** fits under the runner/passer corollary.  I can’t remember any timeshare (no pun intended Coaches Muschamp and Fisher) situation really working out. So yeah… I’m pretty skeptical about it… and still i’m making the picks below:
  • Wins that would be job threatening if we didn’t win (5): BGSU, Kentucky, Vandy, UL-Lafy, J’Ville St.
  • Winnable games, but not gimmes (2): Texas A&M, Tennessee
  • Would be huge upsets if we won/Don’t expect us to: LSU, Florida State (would be in next category if it were at home)
  • The season boils down to these games:
    • SCar (would be in previous category if on the road)
    • Georgia
    • Mizzou
SCar and Georgia are pre-season Top 12 teams, but are flawed. BOTH of those games against the Gators last year were winnable with some better QB play (@SCar) and a break our way vs. UGA. We were competitive and could have won either, despite those teams being highly ranked. Connor Shaw made the throw of his life in that SCar game and the two fade route/jump balls killed us at the Cocktail party. That won’t likely be the case this time.
Mizzou is a good team with an athletic QB. It’ll be interesting to see what Franklin can do against the SEC. Their defense still sucks and Gilly might go for 180 against them.
I actually think the Gators will split against SCar and then UGA because… well… because they’re SCar and UGA and we don’t lose to both of them two years in a row. Seriously… that’s my rationale. SCar is legit though. Then we have avoid a let down to Mizzou with a, “Gilly runs Silly” day.
Gators finish regular season 9-3 before defeating Nebraska in the Fiesta Bowl. I know that’s not where they’ll be playing, but it felt really good to type Gators defeat Nebraska is the Fiesta Bowl. So go that I had to type it twice. Anyway, Gators get their 10th win by shutting down Tommie Frazier and defeating Nebraska in the Fiesta Bowl (THREE TIMES!!!!!).
(NOTE: Those of you still in college reading this might have no idea why that paragraph makes me so happy… you had to see it to really let it scorch your eyeballs properly… Google 1996 Fiesta Bowl… that score is not a typo.)
I digress… Ladies and Gentlemen… your 2012 Florida Gators.
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3 Responses to 2012 Gator Football Predictions from Our Two Bits Staff

  1. CPFro3 says:

    I see a 9-4 season…flashes of greatness, flashes of youthful mistakes…then us competing again for the SEC next year…

  2. Rob says:

    I am bias don’t give a shit, UNDEFEATED!!! but really we will be better. Right? I mean we have to be better than last year? Right? Def. think we can beat South Carolina now. LSU will be a pain in the ass but when are they not. Everyone else is beatable. I live in Pumpkin Chucker Nation aka U.T. so if we have to only win 1 game that has to be the one. Go Gators, Go Muschamp, and Go to Hell Ohio St, and U.S.C.!

  3. instigator says:

    I’m a season ticket holder and a strong fan but this team still lacks discipline and 6 wins will be a stretch.

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