2008 Gator Squad’s Awesome NFL Season

The 2008 Gator Football team is arguably the best Gator team to ever take Florida Field.  Led by Timothy Richard Tebow on offense and Brandon “I’ll poke your eyes out, make a sex tape, and use illegal substances” Spikes on defense.  That team probably should have gone undefeated.  :: sighs :: Da well.

Have you been paying attention to what these guys are doing in the pro’s? Take a moment and go to NFL.com and look up their stats for this year.  That 2008 team is putting together a pretty impressive pro season as a whole.  Don’t waste your time going to NFL.com we did it for you…

Tim Tebow:

9-17, 53%, 140 yds, 2 TD, 0 INT

20 rush, 106 yds, 4 TD

Percy Harvin (2nd season):

51 rec, 627 yds, 4 TD, 1 KR TD

13 rush, 106 yards, 1 TD

Louis Murphy (2nd season):

37 rec, 544 yds, 2 TDs

Aaron Hernandez (1st season):

45 rec, 563 yards, 6 TDs

Riley Cooper (1st season):

6 rec, 111 yds, 1 TD

David Nelson (1st season):

31 rec, 353 yds, 3 TD

Maurkice Pouncey (1st season):

14 starts

Carlos Dunlap (1st season):

18 tackles, 7 sacks (All in the last 6 games)

Jermaine Cunningham (1st season):

35 Tackles, 2 FF, 1 sack

Joe Haden (1st season):

53 tackles, 5 int

Brandon Spikes (1st season):

61 tackles, 1 int

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